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Agri-food Projects

“Western Polissia” innovative agri-food cluster

The cluster is focused on conducting research on territories to identify areas that need improvement and development, and strives to enhance labor potential of the region by offering training and employment opportunities to local residents. By collaborating with local communities and stakeholders, the “Western Polesie” agro-cluster aims to create sustainable and thriving rural economies, and seeks to enhance competitiveness and productivity of the region’s agricultural sector.

Agri-food rapid response centres

The main purpose of these centers is to provide a quick response to cases of reduced manufacturing productivity, loss of goods, disruption of supplies, and other problems. Rapid response centers help producers reduce the risks associated with the war and conflict and ensure uninterrupted production and supply of goods. They can also help to preserve jobs and support the country’s economy in times of war.

Agri-food value-added chains

The project is focused on: search for potentially interesting niches in the global agri-food space, their research, and analysis; building a cluster system of cooperation of market representatives according to their areas of focus; assistance in building new value-added chains; uniting representatives of the Ukrainian agri-food sector and rebuilding the mechanism for entering the most promising niches of the market.

Agri-food export logistics HUB

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many logistics chains have collapsed. Some industries have stopped their operations, while others have started to increase production. But still, the usual scheme of work has disintegrated. That is why the U-Food Association has developed a project to help producers to reduce the cost of logistics transportation, help to establish export sales, and assist in the development of logistics support and coordination of cargo.

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