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Agri-food value-added chains

About Project

According to the U-Food Association, Ukraine is more than just a country that sells grain. Introduction of value chains in Ukraine can have several benefits for economy and business: increased export potential, creation of new jobs, increased profitability, improved product quality and increased investment.
To summarize, introduction of value chains can be an important step for development of the Ukrainian economy and ensuring competitiveness in the international market.


  • Search for potentially interesting niches in the global agri-food space, their research, and analysis;
  • Building a cluster system of cooperation of market representatives according to their areas of focus;
  • Assistance in building new value-added chains;
  • Uniting representatives of the Ukrainian agri-food sector and rebuilding the mechanism for entering the most promising niches of the market


  • Organizing support for rebuilding value-added chains;
  • Establishing mutually beneficial and complementary mechanisms of cooperation among representatives of the Ukrainian agri-food sector in the domestic market;
  • Technological and technical support (organizing technology, personnel, resources, and technical support for project implementation);
  • Export support (support for exporting products to foreign markets);
  • Attracting funding for projects.


  • Building new value-added chains;
  • Entry of representatives of the Ukrainian agri-food sector into potentially interesting global markets.
  • Integration of domestic enterprises into value-added chains to develop industry of Ukraine and increase competitiveness in global markets.

2023-2025, 0.8 million euros.

UA side: 16 agri-food clusters.

Contact persons: U-Food Association, Bohdan Shapoval,

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