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Building strong industrial ecosystems integrated into the EU

Series ‘Top projects and initiatives of UCA’

As the leading union of Ukrainian clusters, Ukrainian Cluster Alliance contributes to the national economic Resilience and to the future Recovery with its own programs and projects. We believe in power of clusters to build resilient and innovative value chains. Thus, UCA heavily promotes the idea of integrated value chains and ecosystems between Ukraine and the European Union and we are the first in Ukraine to support this strategy at the level of our clusters. 

New strategic paper of UCA proposes 7 big initiatives with regard to industrial innovative ecosystems, common for majority of clusters. They cover such area and direction as:

  1. New multilateral program of support of cluster movement in Ukraine.
  2. Benchmarking program and aligning with the best EU practices for industrial policy-makers of Ukraine.
  3. Integration of Ukrainian DIHs and Industry 4.0 expertise centres to the EU DIH networks. 
  4. Creation of Eastern European network of certified experts of Industry 4.0-5.0 (SIRI based).
  5. Creation of Digital transformation roadmap for key industries in Ukraine, based on the best EU practices.
  6. Set-up of joint initiatives in Circular Economy.
  7. Development of the Professionals4Ukraine network.

These initiatives are addressed to the Ukrainian government, the European Commission, European clusters and to other international organizations and donors.

Another document that UCA prepared for the ‘Clusters meet regions’ forum in Kosice at the end of March 2023, presents projects of our Common Resource Centres in Agri-Food, Medicine, Engineering and Machinery, Dual-use and Smart.City. You can find projects of these initiative here.

 Download the paper ‘Building strong industrial ecosystems’.

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