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The National Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics”

About Project

The center aims to develop solutions and innovations that can improve productivity and efficiency of the sector, assist in creation of economic structures and associations, guide economic growth and development, and provide valuable insights into the state, problems, and prospects of the agricultural sector.


  • Continuation of development of scientific and analytical forecasts of agriculture in Ukraine;
  • Development and support of investment, investment and innovation projects, and business projects;
  • Monitoring of markets and prices for agricultural products and products of their processing.


  • Development of strategic and short-term projects for development of the agricultural sector of the economy and specific rural businesses;
  • Marketing research;
  • Development of logistics and investment projects for agricultural business.


  • Development of new solutions and innovations that can improve efficiency and productivity of the sector;
  • Creating new opportunities for economic growth and development in rural areas;
  • To obtain valuable insights into the value and potential of economic assets.

UA side: 16 agri-food clusters.

Contact persons: U-Food Association, Bohdan Shapoval,

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