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Agri-food rapid response centres

About Project

Rapid response centers for producers in times of war are designed to help producers and other businesses in case of production problems.
The main purpose of these centers is to provide a quick response to cases of reduced manufacturing productivity, loss of goods, disruption of supplies, and other problems.
Rapid response centers help producers reduce the risks associated with the war and conflict and ensure uninterrupted production and supply of goods. They can also help to preserve jobs and support the country’s economy in times of war.


  • Active development of cluster capabilities to carry out 3 key missions during the war period – assisting their own members – SMEs, assisting critical industries, and export-internationalization;
  • Optimization, within the framework of RRC, of functions for cluster members of the same group based on their primary needs;
  • Ensuring the transition of each cluster (including the eastern regions) to an independent mode of operation in the post-war period.


  • Integration and interaction of clusters and cluster managers within a particular industry, as well as clusters of critical industries within one RRC;
  • Creation of an effective management structure for RRC with the establishment of corresponding interaction with the management of the UCA;
  • Building own portfolio of initiatives, projects, and mini-projects. Starting their implementation;
  • Developing own export and internationalization activities;
  • Interaction with local communities and authorities.


  • To integrate and connect related clusters in the RRC;
  • To determine the RRC action plans in accordance with the defined areas of responsibility (production, communication), coordinate with the UCA;
  • Building own portfolio of initiatives, projects, and mini-projects. Start their implementation;
  • Involvement of authorities and local communities, as well as collaboration with them within the project framework.


UA side: 16 agri-food clusters.

Contact persons: U-Food Association, Bohdan Shapoval,

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