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Interregional Association of Poultry and Compound Feed Producers of Ukraine

About Project

The full-scale invasion of russia in Ukraine was also felt by poultry and compound feed producers.

The main goal of the Interregional Association of Poultry and Compound Feed Producers in Ukraine is to empower small and medium-sized poultry and compound feed producers for sustainable development of Ukraine’s poultry industry by implementing the European cluster production model.


  • Expansion of opportunities for small and medium-sized producing poultry and compound feed;
  • Development of competitiveness of micro and small poultry enterprises;
  • Cooperation between the European Association and the Association of Poultry and Compound Feed Producers to harmonize Ukrainian legislation with the EU in the field of food safety and quality, specifically for poultry products.


  • Organization of specialized training programs (Poultry School, webinars, seminars, and conferences), involving approximately 900 enterprises annually;
  • Financing of projects;
  • Information services for analytical research of the Ukrainian market;
  • Protection of interests of members and partners of the association.


  • Sustainable development of poultry farming in Ukraine through implementation of the European model of cluster production.
  • To restore and develop production facilities;
  • Creation of a poultry cluster with participation of EU partner companies.
  • Franchise development of clusters throughout Ukraine;
  • Regulation in the legislation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of safety and quality of poultry products.

UA side: 16 agro-food clusters.

Contact persons: U-Food Association, Bohdan Shapoval,

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