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Agri-food export logistics HUB

About Project

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many logistics chains have collapsed. Some industries have stopped their operations, while others have started to increase production. But still, the usual scheme of work has disintegrated.
That is why the U-Food Association has developed a project to help producers to reduce the cost of logistics transportation, help to establish export sales, and assist in the development of logistics support and coordination of cargo.


  • Assistance in establishing export sales for Ukrainian manufacturers through creation of a hub;
  • Development of logistics support and coordination of cargoes;
  • Reduction of cost of logistics transportation in accordance with shipment volumes.


  • Access to sales channels without high operating costs;
  • Continuous lead generation of customers through promotion of manufacturers in the hub;
  • Storage of products in warehouse facilities (convenient and fast loading of containers or trucks);
  • International platform (full product description, coding for use by end sellers, representation for export under the Ukrainian Food brand);
  • Presentation of products in a showroom (opportunity to present the real appearance and quality of products).


  • Combined cargoes with an expanded assortment without a significant increase in logistics costs;
  • Quick search for required products for importers;
  • Savings on shipment of palletized cargoes (up to 2.5 times per 1 pallet/space).

2023-2026; 3.2 million euros.

UA side: 16 agri-food clusters.

Contact persons: U-Food Association, Bohdan Shapoval,

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