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Innovative ecosystems

Launch of I4.0-5.0 network in Eastern Europe

The project is aimed at: acceleration of digital transformation in traditional Industrial sectors in Eastern Europe; improving resilience & innovation level, digitalization and greening of integrated and local value chains; rise of demands for innovation on local markets / better integration of local innovators into domestic value chains.

Establishing benchmarking policy-making processes in Industrial policies between Ukraine and neighbouring countries

The project’s general goal is to move policy-making processes in Ukraine at the level of best EU practices and standards by: setup of benchmarks for Ukraine in Industrial policies; aligning approaches and practices in Ukraine with the best EU practices; defining roadmap for necessary changes in Ukraine in industrial policy-making and strategies

Creation of a new cluster support program in Ukraine together with Eastern European and Baltic countries

The new CP4U program should be focused on 5 main broad goals: building a long term, effective strategy of SMEs development where clusters are a key instrument of SMEs internationalization; Support and growth of 6 UCA’s Common Resource Centers with respect to clusters by target industries. Growth of interregional cooperation with a clear focus on clusters / SMEs resilience and the future Recovery projects; better alignment and integration of Ukrainian clusters into all major existing EU programs of clusters / SMEs development; acceleration of Ukrainian clusters and their members in twin green and digital transition.

Development of the Professionals4Ukraine network (previous name: Ambassadors4Ukraine)

The project’s goals are: to unite and to coordinate the network by specific goals and projects in each target segment; to synchronize and align the activities with strategic goals set by the European Commission and Ukrainian governments; to speed up integration of Ukrainian SMEs and clusters into Euroatlantic countries and to prepare partners for Recovery programs.

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