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Development of 5 UA DIHs with integration into EU space (BOWI+)


  • Setup 5 DIHs for Ukraine as services organizations.
  • Launch regular DIHs activities according to the 4 major roles.
  • Attract investments into regional innovation ecosystems – at least 2 mln euros in 2 years.


  • Exchanges / setup of blueprint (DIH model adapted to UA in 2 forms, – based on Technical University and as an independent NGO (UA DIHs go through a selection process);
  • Training of DIHs staff for UA DIHs;
  • Mentoring of activities in each of 4 roles;
  • Launch of modern labs for prototyping;
  • Regular exchanges of best practices;
  • Common participation in EU programs.


  • 5 times increased engagement and participation of UA innovative SMEs and start-ups in I4MS and similar programs (Digital / Horizon Europe;100 SMEs participating in calls).
  • Integration of Ukrainian SMEs and industrial SMEs’ start-ups into European value chains and Innovation Ecosystems, providing opportunities to interconnect with key innovation stakeholders and networks across Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries.
  • Growth in number of European SMEs, start-ups and BSOs proposing innovations in UA for Recovery & other after war programs (200 SMEs).

2 years / 3 million euros.

UA side: APPAU and 5 UA DIHs from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv and Lviv. Key partners – 5 EAM clusters from the same cities.

EU side: 5 eDIHs from Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania (+2 from Western Europe).

BOWI project (Horizon 2020), launched in 2021 is the 1st case about widening of mature Digital Innovation Hubs to less matured ones, incl. Ukrainian DIH «Centre 4.0 KPI». The project became a strong push to develop DIH network in Ukraine and it is coherent with APPAU initiative of the deployment of I4MS programs in Ukraine. However, switching DIH KPI into implementing all 4 roles in servicing local SMEs is extremely difficult. Because of lack of good governance, it is difficult for experts to be at the same time in several roles (e.g. professors in University, and innovation / technology brokers in DIH). Actual BOWI activities do not count this situation and we do not know how to cope with it, taking into account the almost impossible scenario of organizing DIHs beside Universities.

In February 2023, UCA together with 10 Leading Technical Universities called to the Government with a special "Join Statements" about the necessity to speed-up in DIH initiative in Ukraine which has been addressed to the Ministry of Science and Education. The community is still waiting for reaction of the Ministry.

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