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Launch of I4.0-5.0 network in Eastern Europe

About Project

Industrial markets in Eastern Europe are behind of the Western ones in rate of digitalization of Industrial SMEs. Ukraine is lagging behind them with a level of penetration of technologies 4.0 less than 10%. There is almost no relevant instrument at the national level to speed up these processes. If starting from zero, setup of the national network in Ukraine alone can take 3-5 years. Deployment of the common network can be beneficial for all countries.


  • To certify at least 10 experts per country.
  • To form collaborative experts networks in 4 countries.
  • To align and adopt to respective maturity level of the SIRI methodology.
  • To setup initial roadmap ‘how to start with digital transformation’ for SMEs of low maturity sectors.


  • Expert selection and training;
  • Expert exchanges and networking;
  • Market surveys;
  • Collaboration and exchanges in the first pilot projects (audit of industrial SMEs);
  • Adopting methodology to local context;
  • Developing guide ‘getting started’ (beginners of digital transformation from early-late majority segments).


  • Acceleration of digital transformation in traditional Industrial sectors in Eastern Europe.
  • Improving resilience & innovation level, digitalization and greening of integrated and local value chains.
  • Rise of demands for innovation on local markets / better integration of local innovators into domestic value chains.

2 years / 2,5 million euros.

UA side: main participants of Industry 4.0 ecosystems: APPAU, several EAM clusters, 5 UA DIHs, Incubator ‘Sikorsky challenge’.

EU side: leading business associations and clusters in Industry 4.0 from Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania

Expert network is a proven development instrument in many sectors worldwide. In Ukraine energy efficiency expert network has been prepared by several international donors and it's a recognized instrument of impact and development in different industries. It was also realized, that such a network (number of certified experts) is still in high deficit in the mentioned area. One of the reasons is lack of alignment with State / Public policy.

Regarding Industry 4.0-5.0, the idea of forming such a network was proposed by APPAU in 2016 in the program «Digital Agenda of Ukraine». Unfortunately, it was not supported by the Government or donors, and today we still stay alone, and without progress when neighbour countries seem to have good movement ahead. A common project can speed-up development such an instrument across all Eastern & Central Europe countries.

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