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Establishing benchmarking policy-making processes in Industrial policies between Ukraine and neighbouring countries

About Project

Lack of industrial policies and strategies in Ukraine led to many economic imbalances and fast deindustrialization processes. The state tries to introduce some instruments of industrial policies such as industrial parks but all these processes are extremely slow, fragmented and not consistent.


The general goal is to move policy-making processes in Ukraine at the level of best EU practices and standards by:

  • Setup of benchmarks for Ukraine in Industrial policies.
  • Aligning approaches and practices in Ukraine with the best EU practices.
  • Defining roadmap for necessary changes in Ukraine in industrial policy-making and strategies.


  • Exchanges and visits with 3 target countries of EU (Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania);
  • Studies of policy-making processes / benchmark analysis;
  • Preparing roadmap of changes in Ukraine;
  • Final reporting and dissemination / communication campaign.


  • Much better alignment and collaboration between Business support organizations and Public bodies in Ukraine with regard to Industrial policies.
  • Improved effectiveness in policy-making (number and quality of new law proposals).
  • Improved process of Industrial dialogue between EU and Ukraine.
  • New collaboration initiatives between participant countries supported by their governments.

1 year / 300k euros.

UA side: Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, Chamber of commerce of Ukraine, committees of Parliament, Ministry of economy.

EU side: key national cluster associations / industry associations supported by worldwide-recognised actors, such as UNIDO.

Benchmarking studies have been done twice on the Industry4Ukraine platform. In 2018, in the frame of Industry 4.0 strategy, APPAU presented a detailed benchmarking analysis, indicating lagging of Ukrainian policy makers in this area. In 2020, based on UNIDO’s works, Industry4Ukraine experts elaborated and promoted the guide ‘Instruments of Industrial policy’. Being well perceived and consolidated at the level of expert communities, these works had a small impact on Public bodies. In last 2 years, policy-makers reached only 2 important changes at the level of legislations.

These are new laws about industrial parks and localization in manufacturing in public purchasing. Industry4Ukraine experts say, that these instruments are just 2 of 10+ necessary to adopt at the national level. The biggest deficit of such instruments is at the level of digital and innovation policies in Manufacturing where Ukraine is lagging behind all EU countries. Meanwhile all economic indicators show the growing de-industrialization of Ukraine and the war just accelerated these processes. This case proves that we need much more engagement of public bodies into policy-making processes.

For other options of Internationalization of Ukrainian clusters, see the Internationalization Strategy of UCA.

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