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Collaboration of clusters of Europe with a focus on circular economy


  • To unite and coordinate EU-UA alliances in circular economy.
  • To ensure faster ‘go-to-market’ processes with regard to circular economy.
  • To enforce and grow UA industrial sectors in terms of circularity.


  • Series of C2C/B2B events / defining, profiling and prioritizing challenges, opportunities;
  • Forming cluster initiatives and funding projects;
  • Launch of 5-7 projects between UA-EU clusters (incl. possible production facilities in Czech Republic and Poland).


  • Launch of Eastern Europe cluster collaboration in circular economy.
  • Improving level of circularity in industrial sectors of Ukraine and other EE countries.

UA side: APPAU, 5 EAM regional clusters, members of the Sustainable committee of UCA.

Contact person: Andriy Hnap,

EU side: key clusters and business associations from Europe having direct relation to circular economy.

Low maturity and low rate of penetration of circular economy principles and practices into key industries of Ukraine.

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