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Creation of roadmap of digital transformation for food industry


  • Creation of DT roadmaps for 5 key segments (milk, beverages, natural oil, elevators and floury, poultry).
  • Building maps of innovators / solutions and use cases.
  • Setup of collaboration between UA and EU clusters.


  1. Engaging campaign for 5 target sectors;
  2. Building map of strong business cases (10 per sector);
  3. Exchanges with international clusters / best practices and benchmarks;
  4. Engaging UA SMEs into relevant EU program;
  5. Series of sectoral Technology and Innovation days;
  6. Training for decision makers from end users;
  7. Strategic session of building roadmap.


  • Acceleration of food sectors in digitalization and sustainable development.
  • Improving collaboration and better integration in value chains and ecosystems with EU.
  • New innovation projects between EU and UA clusters and DIHs in Food.

2 years / 1,5 million euros.

UA side: APPAU, 5 clusters and 2 DIHs.

EU side: 5 clusters and 3 DIHs.

Low maturities and low rate of penetration of new digital technologies into key industries of Ukraine.

Such a project was founded by APPAU in 2019, It was oriented mainly towards local players, see The project has not been launch because of lack of financing, just some activities (as survey and seminars) have been carried out with a limited scope. New proposal is oriented towards much larger and international scale.

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