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Healthcare / Medical

Creation of an innovative rehabilitation platform

The general goal of the project is to contribute to increasing awareness of the injured people and their families in rehabilitation services in Ukraine (in the future also throughout the world) about the possibilities of new methods and approaches to rehabilitation. And for rehabilitation centers, it is an opportunity to quickly communicate with victims who need rehabilitation, spread information about their services, assess condition of victims and create individual rehabilitation plans and monitor their implementation.

Creation of “Be SAFE” innovative training centers

The project is to result in creating a system of training the civilian population, starting with children, employees of communal enterprises and organizations, the poor, IDPs and other segments of the population by creating innovative centers for training the population for actions in emergency and war conditions, which will increase survivability of people in the event of mass rocket attacks and injuries.

Ukrainian production of 3D titanium products for medical purposes, namely: high-quality endoprostheses of human hip and knee joints, and other original 3D products for medicine

There is a huge need for custom affordable 3D products to treat wounded soldiers in Ukraine. With the demand of endoprosthesic operations in Ukraine of 100-120 thousand operations per year, in 2023, due to the war and the economic situation in the country the number of endoprosthetic operations in Ukraine will be only about 10,000. The project is aimed at increasing this number significantly.

Social and psychological rehabilitation in regional innovative rehabilitation centers for people affected by russian armed aggression. Scaling and renovation of existing rehabilitation facilities

Provision of comprehensive psychological diagnostic services, education and information, consultations, support, accompaniment, psychotherapy and group work in regional innovative rehabilitation centers for people affected by the war, as well as introduction of world standards of psychodiagnostics and medical support of the civilian population in existing regional rehabilitation institutions, which feel a lack of resources, will contribute to restoration of psychological health of the population and expansion of services of competitive health care institutions.

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