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Creation of an innovative rehabilitation platform

About Project

Due to the war in Ukraine, the number of wounded defenders, as well as civilians (adults and children), persons with disabilities, who need rehabilitation services, is increasing.

Also, with the growing number of rehabilitation services and private rehabilitation centers, it is difficult for the affected people to find the necessary rehabilitation center with the appropriate direction of work, to assess its capabilities, to communicate, to receive consultation and the necessary information.


The general goal is to contribute to increasing awareness of the injured people and their families in rehabilitation services on the territory of Ukraine (in the future and throughout the world) about the possibilities of new methods and approaches to rehabilitation. And for rehabilitation centers, it is an opportunity to quickly communicate with victims who need rehabilitation, spread information about their services, assess condition of victims and create individual rehabilitation plans and monitor their implementation.


  • Conducting a survey among doctors of rehabilitation departments and patients about information needs for creating terms of reference for programmers.
  • Selection of programmers for implementation of this platform.
  • Creation of a multifunctional “REHABILITSIA” Internet platform , filling it with the necessary information.
  • Promotion of the platform among rehabilitators and the public.
  • Functioning of the platform and growth of its participants.
  • Web application development.


  • Search for information on rehabilitation for victims throughout Ukraine is simplified.
  • All rehabilitation centers, providers of rehabilitation services are on the same web resource, their level and capacity of rehabilitation services are verified and correspond to evidence-based medicine.
  • For undergoing rehabilitation a rehabilitator can create his rehabilitation plan and monitor its implementation.

1 year / 100,000 euros.

UA side:
Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Fund for Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities

EU side: European Clusters Alliance.

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