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Creating a network of training centres for rehabilitation specialists and multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams

About Project

Due to the war in Ukraine, the need for rehabilitation services is developing rapidly and will continue to grow. Shortage of personnel, insufficient quality and speed of training of rehabilitation specialists are among the main reasons for the unsatisfactory quality of rehabilitation services in the context of the healthcare system reform in Ukraine.

The qualitative and quantitative indicators of the industry do not meet the needs of Ukraine, despite the desire to meet European and international standards. Most rehabilitation specialities are new to Ukraine, and there is a lack of experience working in multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams.

Internships abroad are mostly spontaneous and cannot solve problems at the systemic level, and there is a lack of control over the quality of the experience gained in its transfer and implementation. There are no places of concentration of knowledge and skills in rehabilitation with the possibility of their unimpeded dissemination and guaranteed effective application.

Creation of a network of training centres for training and professional development of rehabilitation specialists is intended to solve these problems at the systemic level.


To improve the quality of rehabilitation services in Ukraine by training multidisciplinary teams and monitoring the quality of rehabilitation specialists based on European standards and international experience.


Establishment of training centers for education and clinical training of multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams.


  1. Ability to train the entire multidisciplinary/multi-professional rehabilitation team at the same time. According to the requested profile.
  2. Possibility of providing consulting and training services in rehabilitation in Ukraine without the need to go abroad for training. A quick exchange of experience, and consultations.
  3. Training support for rehabilitation service providers in partnership with international training centres.
  4. Improving the quality of professional education in the field of rehabilitation according to European and international standards.
  5. Improving the quality of rehabilitation services according to European and international standards.
  6. Ensuring continuous professional development of rehabilitation specialists based on European and international standards.
  7. Certification of training programs, training centres and specialists.
  8. Within two years – creation of three centres in 3 regions of Ukraine.
  9. Exchange of experience between the centres and increased efficiency of educational and training services, attracting own resources to increase capacity at the system level.

1 year / 970 thousand euros (one training center in the central region of Ukraine).

UA side: Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, RC "Medical Clusters", Vinnytsia Cluster of Instrumentation and Automation, NGO "Ukrainian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine", Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Vinnytsia, Department of Health of Vinnytsia Oblast, Lviv Oblast, Medical Center "Norimed Plus" Lviv, Lviv Medical Business Cluster.

EU side: European Clusters Alliance, ESPRM, UEMS PRM Board, ISPRM.

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