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Creation of “Be SAFE” innovative training centers

About Project

The civilian population is not ready to act in emergency and war conditions and suffers as a result of massive attacks and bombings of Ukrainian cities. People die, who could have survived no matter how they were taught how to behave.


  • To create a system of training the civilian population, starting with children, employees of communal enterprises and organizations, the poor, IDPs and other segments of the population by creating innovative centers for training the population for actions in emergency and war conditions, which will increase survivability of people in the event of mass rocket attacks and injuries.
  • To increase interest and practicality of teaching such courses (pre-medical care in particular) due to the innovative component and practicality of teaching.


  • Selection of IT companies, production of terms of reference and creation of software with training situations using VR technologies.
  • Selection and training of instructors and their certification in various work fields of the center.
  • Selection of a room (or building) and equipping it with technical equipment and mannequins according to situational tasks.
  • Cooperation with local government organizations to involve employees of communal enterprises and schoolchildren in training.
  • Creation of a proposal for business for further payback of the Center outside the project.
  • Communication company about the activities of the Center.


  • 3 innovative training “BE SAFE” centers for training the population are built – Rivne, Dnipro, Kharkiv.
  • Formed team of instructors. certified according to TSSS and BLS protocols.
  • A training system for civil utility companies, schools, and other organizations developed together with local government.
  • Developed training programs for business.
  • 80% of the region’s population is covered by a communication campaign about the center’s activities.

2 years / 3 million euros.

UA side: Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, Resource Center "Medical Clusters", Medical Clusters of Ukraine, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Veterans of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, parliamentary committees.

Tetiana Vorontsova, Rivne interregional medical cluster:

EU side: European Clusters Alliance, Malta Rescue Service, Lublin Center for Simulation Medicine, SMURD.

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