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UWB radar technology for detection of buried targets

About Project

Currently, Ukraine is the most mined territory in the world, 1/3 of the country’s territory is at risk of detecting explosive devices, it is obvious that such a challenge for the post-war period will require new solutions in detecting and creating maps of explosives.


Having ready-made ground-penetrating radar technology, which we have been using for many years in the civil sector (geodesy), create a software-hardware complex that will automatically explore territories and create maps of detected objects at a depth of up to 1 meter.


Desighning and testing an unmanned aerial vehicle with a radar and development of software for the system’s autonomous operation.


An operational unmanned mine detection system, which, moving above surface in predetermined areas, creates maps of detected objects, which will enable ground mine services and units to very quickly detect and neutralize explosive devices.

4 months/120K euros.

UA side: Transient Technologies LLC, office 307, 13 Evgena Sverstuka str. Kyiv 02002, Ukraine

EU side: any organization that is interested in creating similar solutions

  • Detection of explosive objects and mines in urban and agricultural areas;
  • Detection of explosive objects and mines at critical infrastructure facilities.
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