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Active-Echo portable intelligent jamming system

About Project

This system is capable of generating different scenarios of radio-electronic interference: noise, imitation, echo, masking. A set of devices will be able to serve as active means of radio-electronic warfare or as radar traps that will be targeted by enemy anti-radar missiles.


  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military.
  • Assistance to critical infrastructure and country’s activity.


  • Electronic warfare or radar traps that will target enemy anti-radar missiles.


Prototype of mobile (portable) set of devices designed for an appropriate radar range (VHF, L, S, C, X, according to needs), capable of generating radio-electronic interference simulating actions of oncoming area.

12 month / 800 000 euros

UA side: Ukrecoconsult LLC, CEPA LLC.

Contact persons: UkrEcoConsult LLC, Olegh Bondarenko,;
Dmytro Gulevets,

EU side: XY-Sensing.

Military spheres.

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