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Miniature SAR for small UAV

About Project

Conducting combat surveillance and reconnaissance of terrain at close range to support military units in the plan of surveillance and reconnaissance of terrain at a distance of 200-300 m, which allows detecting changes or masking objects, especially in urban environments.


  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military;
  • Assistance to the Ukrainian restoration and development.


  • Сonducting radio reconnaissance of location of separate enemy units, equipment and fortifications;
  • Localization of equipment that emits radiowaves, in particular: radar, EW and radio-communication devices, mobile phones, WiFi networks, Bluetooth connected devices, etc.


Increasing capacity and support of combat units in terms of area surveillance and reconnaissance.

6 month / 100 000 euros.

UA side: Ukrecoconsult LLC, CEPA LLC, Kray Technologies LLC.

Contact persons:
UkrEcoConsult LLC, Olegh Bondarenko,
Dmytro Gulevets,

EU side: XY-Sensing.

The technology has a wide range of civilian applications in the field of monitoring the Earth's surface.
As an example: monitoring of 2D spatial distribution of soil moisture to predict future harvest, operational survey of large areas for humanitarian demining.

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