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Passive airspace surveillance system (radiolocation)

About Project

A system of passive radars, which do not emit electromagnetic energy and do not interfere with operation of other electronic devices, will provide information about situation on approach to a restricted area (infrastructure, airport, border) and thus increase situational awareness for managing authorities.


  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military.
  • Assistance to critical infrastructure and country’s activity.


  • Monitoring situation in area and on near an airport.


Increasing the possibility of monitoring on manoeuvring airfields or in other places unsuitable for this purpose. Mobile version can also be used to monitor deployment areas, convoy locations, etc., used by ground forces.

12 month / 1 350 000 euros.

UA side: Ukrecoconsult LLC, CEPA LLC.

Contact persons:
UkrEcoConsult LLC, Olegh Bondarenko,;
Dmytro Gulevets,

EU side: XY-Sensing.

Development of airspace surveillance system around airports and other important objects.

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