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Information and instrumental system for humanitarian demining

About Project

The result of the direct invasion of the russian federation on the territory of Ukraine was occupation of about 20% of its territory. As a result, one of the primary tasks arising after liberation of the territory and in the post-war reconstruction will be demining of vast territories of Ukraine.


  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military.
  • Assistance to restoration of Ukraine.


  • Preliminary survey of the territory for demining and internal quality control of the completed works already after demining.
  • Demining in the area of hostilities;
  • Conducting internal quality control of the completed works already after cleaning.


Relatively fast and high-quality demining of the territories of Ukraine.

9 month / 750 000 euros.

UA side: Ukrecoconsult LLC, Kray Technologies, GIS Arta, KRUK Training Center, NGO National Ecological Center of Ukraine.

Contact persons: UkrEcoConsult LLC,
Olegh Bondarenko,
Dmytro Gulevets,

The developed system will have a wide civilian application, in particular in agriculture, solving tasks of the State Emergency Service, forestry and water management.

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