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Logistic HUB in electrical engineering to help Ukraine restore critical infrastructure


  1. Assistance in restoration of critical infrastructure of Ukrainian cities, which was destroyed as a result of shelling by the russian federation (electrical substations, electricity distribution points, thermal power plants, pumping stations, etc.).
  2. Assistance in restoration and strengthening of power supply systems for social facilities (hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes, etc.).
  3. Assistance to the military on the front line (electric generators, autonomous lighting and heating systems, etc.)


  • Organization of a warehouse on EU territory (Slovakia, Bratislava, Automatic Complex Systems s. r. o.).
  • Reception, storage and consolidation of humanitarian aid.
  • Identification of an object for assistance in cooperation with APPAU and regional EAM clusters.
  • Delivery of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine to an object for which assistance is provided.


  • Participation in projects for restoration of Ukraine.
  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military.
  • Assistance to critical infrastructure and country’s activity.

1.5 years / 10.5 mln. euros

UA side: EAM clusters head by Kharkiv regional cluster EAM (SMEs developers and integrators of control systems and power distribution devices).
Contact persons: ELAKS, Vitalii Aksonenko, , Kharkiv EAM cluster: Vitaliy Zaitsev,

EU side: key clusters, business association, SMEs distributors of electrical products, system integrators and developers of control systems and power distribution systems from Europe.

There was huge gap in supply chain in March-April 2022 in Ukraine when most of foreign suppliers stopped deliveries to Ukraine. Considering different options, Kharkiv EAM cluster proposed services of ELAKS (cluster members) whose facilities have been already relocated in Bratislava, Slovakia. ELAKS got its own and good experience of delivering electrical goods and services in Ukraine, with much better time of delivery compared to traditional schemes. Project ideal comes from this experience, what if we creare a joint logistic center for many accumulated needs in Ukraine including humanitarian ones?

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