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Super-quick hardening cements and concretes


Alkali activated cements and concretes, able to store workability for 30 min, meeting requirements for compressive strength at the age of 3 hours – 25 MPa, 28 days – 65 MPa. Technical regalement draft has been prepared, for manufacture and application, so far as the draft of Technical conditions. Ukrainian Standards are present. Development stage – Under industrial application. TRL – 7


  • To investigate native raw materials (provide characterization).
  • To correlate mix design – to provide specific tests according to the European standards
  • To launch manufacturing


  • Participation in projects for restoration of Ukraine.
  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military.
  • Assistance to critical infrastructure and country’s activity.

3 months, 50 000 euros.

UA side: Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA).

Contact person: KNUCA, Oleksandr Kovalchuk,

EU side: key clusters, business association, municipals, road services organizations.

Need to provide “hot” repair of the infrastructure and road constructions, military objects, e.t.c.

Run production of super quick hardening building materials for “hot” repairs of civil and military objects.

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