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Development of practice-oriented training of specialists in automation, engineering and mechanical engineering

About Project

Modern transformations of Ukraine in Industry 4.0 will require:

  • Implementation of modern technologies and equipment for their implementation.
  • Modern software and hardware.
  • Creation of industrial chains of added value, which will allow building new production systems.
  • Highly qualified specialists who must perform all of the above.


  • Increasing efficiency of “university-business” relationships.
  • Supporting development of high-tech SMEs through implementation of project-oriented training programs that involve solving real business problems (cases).


  1. Survey of business, formation of cases database.
  2. Formation of project groups with participation of universities and businesses.
  3. Training of project groups.
  4. Monitoring resolution of cases.
  5. Examination of technical solutions.
  6. Development of recommendations for development of practice-oriented training of specialists.


  • Solving part of business problems presented in the case database.
  • Identification of talented students and young scientists by conducting a competition of the best technical solutions.
  • Update of scientific directions of universities.
  • Involvement of business practitioners in educational process at universities.

1 year / 670,000 euros.

UA side: Vinnytsia Automation and Іnstrument Мaking Cluster, Kharkiv Regional EAM Cluster , Zaporizhzhia EAM Cluster , Ukrainian Maritime Cluster.

EU side: Technical University of Koshice (Košice), BRNO University, Klastr MECHATRONIKA (Czech Republic), Industry Innovation Cluster.

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