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Creation of Emergency Support Centers in utilities sector


  • Improve the availability of utilities services for population by modernizing and digitalizing existing structures.
  • Creation and management of the project portfolio for the future modernization / reconstruction of utility sectors.
  • Improving collaboration between local and foreign contractors & cluster organizations.


  • Survey of utilities sectors / defining main needs.
  • Exchanges of the best practices / set-up of ESC model according to benchmark.
  • Organizational changes / staff training.
  • Development of a marketplace for suppliers and contractors.
  • Developing pre-project proposals and project portfolio.


  • Improved capabilities of communities to attract investors and the Ukrainian state to support stakeholders by expanding capacities of utilities services structures to response to critical situations -> improved availability of utility services (heat, water, electricity) for the population.
  • Creation of new services and jobs for local communities incl local clusters.
  • Smart cities and regions: approaching to the best EU standards and practices, more sustainable and energy-saving management.

2 years / 1,5 million euros.

UA side: Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia regions / Utilities.

Contact person: Alexandre Yurchak,

EU side: key clusters and / or associations specialized in Utilities and ITC sectors from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania (curators of reconstruction in a given sector).

Such a project (63k GBP, 6 months) has been already considered by APPAU and SUMY region cluster of Energy equipment. It was adopted to the terms of a call on June-22, led by the UK embassy in Ukraine (not passed). It can be improved and extended to more complex RFP incl. international collaboration. But it is worth considering and it is useful as it proposes new ideas and initiatives of ESC based on collaborative approach and digital technologies. See in details here. This case appeals to a large market problem linked to low maturity levels of End Users in Utilties. In particular, all they have obsolete processes and lack of modern skills. APPAU, inspired by Belgium BEMAS, regularly raises such issues on its Asset Performance Management conference.

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