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Creation of an engineering competence center for metalworking

About Project

The project will improve training of engineering and technical specialists.
It is possible to update the material and technical base – for training, conducting experiments, etc.

Renewal of research works, carrying out innovative examinations, including areas of digitization, research on characteristics of metals, etc.

Improvement of specialization and professional standards in the fields of mechanical processing of metals, welding processes and others.


  • Creation of centers of expertise / engineering consulting.
  • Improving cooperation between local and foreign contractors and cluster organizations.
  • Exchange of the best practices, study of mutual experience, integration into European value chains.


  • Research of modern technologies in the field of metalworking / definition of the main needs of Ukrainian manufacturers.
  • Exchange of the best practices.
  • Organizational changes / personnel training.
  • Market development for suppliers and contractors.


  • Improving awareness of Ukrainian manufacturers about metalworking technologies.
  • European partners are informed about the possibilities of cooperation in Ukraine.
  • Creation of new cooperation projects, exchange of technologies and skills.
  • Developed training and internship programs, exchange of personnel training experience.

2 years / 10,2 million euros.

UA side: Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia clusters EAM/ Engineering services.

Contact persons: Ivan Movchan,;
Andriy Karpenko,

EU side: key clusters and/or associations specializing in engineering and ICT from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania (Recovery curators in a certain sector / region in Ukraine).

Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Dnipro are recognized cities of Ukraine with strong traditions and expertise in metalworking. Strong deindustrialization processes of the last decade degrade positions of big (post-soviet) enterprises when new SMEs are still growing. United into Industrial Engineering clusters, such SMEs need support of new quality standards, skills and technologies. The war just actualized and deepened these issues as all mentioned cities. in many cases, lost their best assets, staff and customers. New competence center, specialized in metalworking, can provide shared assets and services for hundred of SMEs, and so far foster and save their businesses.

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