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Expanding possibilities of serial production of braking equipment for railway cars


  • Increasing production volumes of mastered products for freight cars (air distributor 483MU, brake cylinder 188B, regulator of brake lever gears РТРП-675М, auto-mode cargo 265А-1, connecting sleeve Р17B, end valve 190);
  • Installation of new products for freight cars (710 model brake cylinder, 265A-4U cargo auto-mode, RTRP-300U automatic brake lever gear regulator);
  • Development of braking equipment for passenger railway carriages.


  • Expanding capacity of the machine park and equipping its own testing complex;
  • Development and approval of design and technological documentation.


  • Expansion of production capacities of the Sumy Machine-Building Cluster of Energy Equipment members;
  • Satisfying the needs of Ukrainian carriage-building enterprises for products that were previously imported (mainly from the russian federation) and analogues are not produced in Ukraine;
  • Integration of products of braking systems of freight and passenger railway carriages into European value added chains;
  • Payback of project implementation measures within 5-7 years.

18 months / 300,000.00 euros.

UA side: Sumy Machine-Building Cluster of Energy Equipment (developers and integrators of power equipment).

Contact person: Sumy Machine-Building Cluster of Energy Equipment, Vladyslav Kondus,

EU side: key clusters, business association, SMEs distributors of railroad transport equipment, system integrators and developers of railroad systems from Europe.

  • Significant degree of wear and tear of the stock of railway cars in Ukraine;
  • Completing railway wagons of Ukrainian manufacturers with components from the russian federation.

Import substitution of components of railway cars, which were previously imported from the russian federation, will allow:

  • to localize their production in Ukraine;
  • modernize railway transport of Ukraine;
  • to create prerequisites for entry of Ukrainian enterprises into EU countries' value added chains of car manufacturing.
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