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Design of energy-efficient parametric series of industrial pumps for water supply systems and pumping of contaminated liquids


  • Development of parametric series of high-speed energy-efficient submersible pumps for water supply systems;
  • Development of parametric series of high-speed energy-efficient torque-flow pumps for pumping contaminated liquids.


  • Organization of a Center for Energy Efficiency and Energy Management;
  • Determination of the main criteria for assessing efficiency of heat and electricity consumption by industrial and household consumers, budget and private institutions and offices;
  • Creation of systems for monitoring heat and energy consumption of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • Development of heat, water and energy supply schemes for industrial facilities, state institutions, urban areas, cities, towns, etc.


  • Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN for 2015-2030 in the direction of Affordable and clean energy (SDG No. 7), industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG No. 9), mitigation of the consequences of climate change (SDG No. 13);
  • Implementation of the state policy in the field of energy conservation and restoration of Ukraine (National program #10: Modernization of regions and housing in the amount of $227 billion), Strategy for economic recovery and development of the Sumy region until 2024 (in the direction of “Industrial complex” in the amount of $80 million);
  • Increasing competitiveness of Ukrainian pumping equipment due to: increasing the energy efficiency of pumps – up to 55%, reducing the material capacity of pumps – up to 60%;
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment as a result of introduction of hermetic end seals;
  • Payback of project implementation measures within 3–6 years.

18 months / 650,000.00 euros.

UA side: Sumy Machine-Building Cluster of Energy Equipment (SME developers and integrators of pump equipment).

Contact person: Sumy Machine-Building Cluster of Energy Equipment, Vladyslav Kondus,

EU side: key clusters, business association, SMEs distributors of energy equipment, system integrators and developers of control systems and power distribution systems from Europe.

High energy intensity of the industrial complex of Ukraine is caused by the use of inefficient equipment, in particular industrial pumps, share of energy consumption of which in some sectors of the economy can reach up to 60%. In view of this, development and introduction of energy-efficient pumping equipment for industrial enterprises and communal institutions are the first priority measures for integration of Ukrainian manufacturers into European value chains.

A way to reduce the energy intensity of Ukraine's industrial complex can be deepening cooperation with European manufacturers of pumping equipment. It can be localization of production of their equipment on the territory of Ukraine (including large-scale assembly) and service partnership for repair of pumping equipment based on the capacities of enterprises of the Sumy machine-building cluster of energy equipment.

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