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Development of generation capacities of alternative energy sources


  • Development of a network of energy-generating facilities based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar) to meet at least 25% of Sumy region’s needs;
  • Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN for 2015–2030 in the field of Affordable and clean energy (SDG No. 7); sustainable development of cities and communities (CSD No. 11), mitigating the consequences of climate change (CSD No. 13);
  • Implementation of state policy in the field of energy conservation (National Program #4: Support of Europe’s energy security and transition to a low-carbon economy, capacity building up to 30 GW).


  • Determination of the preferred type of alternative energy sources based on the possibilities of energy generation in the Sumy region;
  • Determining the number, location and total capacity of power generation facilities;
  • Development of projects for energy generating facilities (including certification and connection to power grids);
  • Construction and commissioning of power generating facilities.


  • Ensuring stable uninterrupted energy supply of enterprises and institutions, ensuring energy independence and improving the ecological condition of Sumy region;
  • Reduction of consumption of fossil energy resources;
  • Achieving high rates of electricity generation due to use of our own innovative systems for analyzing and forecasting wind situation in specific locations;
  • Providing electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) for at least 25% of Sumy region’s needs.

18 months / 15 mln euros.

UA side: Sumy Machine-Building Cluster of Energy Equipment (developers and integrators of power equipment), Sumy regional state administration (Developer of Strategy for economic recovery and development of the Sumy region until 2024).

EU side: key clusters, business association, SMEs distributors of energy control equipment, system integrators and developers of control systems and power distribution systems from Europe.

A significant factor slowing down the growth of Ukraine's economy in the post-war period is the limited power generation. This is due to the significant destruction caused by the russian federation and the significant dependence on natural gas and coal imports. In addition, use of these energy sources has a significant negative impact on the external environment.

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