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Ukraine’s recovery program: key projects from Ukrainian Engineering and Machinery clusters in collaboration with EU partners

Series ‘Top projects and initiatives of UCA’

Despite the destruction and constant shelling, Ukraine has shown that many sectors can function even in critical conditions, and we have essential tools for this. However, Ukraine’s investment attractiveness depends on our joint work and readiness for new challenges.

UCA and the Engineering-Automation-Mechanical (EAM) cluster offer specific projects for implementation with our European partners.

We offer educational initiatives to introduce new technologies and create new competence centers.

UCA EAM cluster has developed 12 projects that are planned to be implemented together with European partners:

  1. Collaboration of dual-use clusters of Europe with the focus on Ukrainian needs.
  2. Logistic hub in electrical engineering for restoration of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.
  3. Improving the quality of technical standards in Ukraine in Oil & Gaz / Energy sectors, by setup of a modern metrological center.
  4. Creation of an engineering competence center for metalworking.
  5. Development of practice-oriented training of specialists in automation, engineering and mechanical engineering.
  6. Creation and organization of energy efficiency and energy management center.
  7. Design of energy-efficient parametric series of industrial pumps for water supply systems and pumping of contaminated liquids.
  8. Development of generation capacities of alternative energy sources.
  9. Expanding possibilities of serial production of braking equipment for railway cars.
  10. Development of interconnection and partnership between developers and system integrators from Ukraine and Eastern Europe / Baltic countries in Advanced Manufacturing.
  11. Creation of Emergency Support Centers in Utilities sector.
  12. Collaboration of clusters of Europe with the focus on circular economy.

These initiatives are addressed to the Ukrainian Government, the European Commission, European clusters, international and donor organizations.

Other documents that UСA will present at the “Clusters meet regions” forum in Kosice relate to proposals from our resource centers in the Innovative Ecosystems, Agri-Food, Medicine, Dual-use and Smart.City segments. You can find these projects at the link.

Download the paper “Innovation, state-of-art manufacturing technologies, renovated Ukraine”.

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