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Development of interconnection and partnership between developers and system integrators from Ukraine and Eastern Europe / Baltic countries in Advanced Manufacturing


  • Support UA SMEs in wartimes: outsourcing & subcontracting of 30 companies from UA.
  • Matching to key opportunities in Recovery program of Ukraine with the following joint entering into 30 big projects in Ukraine.
  • Providing new innovative solutions across Europe.


  • Targeted campaign of matching key SMEs from both sides.
  • Activities for approaching and outsourcing UA SMEs.
  • Analysis of opportunities in Recovery programs and targeting common ones.
  • Preparing to joint projects / regular exchanges and setup of best practices.
  • Common participation in EU programs.


  • Maintaining and improving the level of local CSI/IT & developers in Ukraine, services to local end users.
  • Joint participation in at least 30 Recovery projects.
  • Established common level of high standards in Automation / IT Industrial Systems in majority of Recovery projects with respect to the best quality standards (CSIA, ISO, IEC relevant to Industry 4.0).
  • Increased engagement and participation of developers and SMEs and startups in Digital / Horizon Europe (from both sides).

2 years / 1.2 million euros.

UA side: APPAU and 5 EAM regional clusters (50 selected SMEs, developers and Control / IT System integrators).

EU side: key clusters and business association from Eastern Europe (50 selected SMEs, contractors, CSI and software houses).

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