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Portable ecological production of electricity and heat

About Project

As a result of large-scale military operations and destruction of centralised energy supply networks, sustainable autonomous energy supply, both heat and electricity, has become an urgent problem both for individual units of the Armed Forces and for individual households.


  • Assistance to the Ukrainian military;
  • Assistance to Ukrainian restoration and development.


  • Designing an effective and compact heat exchange part for a system, that works on the basis of solid oxide fuel cells.


  • Demonstration unit of cogeneration (heat+electricity);
  • Development of technical production documentation and a business plan for expansion of production for the Ukrainian market (in particular, production of installations and replaceable fuel cells in Ukraine).

9 month / 250 000 euros.

UA side: Ukrecoconsult LLC.

Contact persons: UkrEcoConsult LLC, Olegh Bondarenko,;
Dmytro Gulevets,

USA side: AdaptiveEnergy.

This type of thermal power plant has wide prospects for scaling up in households and industry.

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