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Ukrainian Cluster Alliance —


Association of Ukrainian organizations for cluster movement development and economic growth

Ukrainian Dual-Use Technologies
Info Session 2023

March 29, Košice

Export – Internationalization Program

The document is a public and collective appeal of UCA clusters to the Ukrainian government for better coordination of anti-crisis actions.

Success stories

History of the Alliance

UCA was founded on March 24, 2022 on the basis of the Clusters 4 Ukraine initiative, which emerged on the platform of industrial and high-tech sectors Industry 4 Ukraine. The main driving force of the Ukrainian cluster movement in various formats is the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine (APPAU).


Analytical Center

We carry out research, advocacy and consulting in the field of industry and economic development. We develop national strategies and lobby them in the Government.



Joint service of needs of all clusters through own Platform. We provide an opportunity for Alliance members to express their products, services and needs through the ECCP platform.



We organize individual and group meetings of stakeholders on a wide range of issues related to cluster development, industry and the economy.



We attract money and other resources (human, material, information, etc.). We provide funding for collective and individual projects of Alliance members.


Export support

We help clusters to establish exports through their own network of foreign partners. We cooperate with the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office.


Government Relations

We lobby the interests of clusters in the political environment. We promote the systematic influence of the Alliance members on the Government's actions for the purpose of Ukraine's economic development.

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