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Success Stories

APPAU accession to CSIA is a story of professional solidarity

The Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine was one of the first among the UCA clusters to show an example of internationalization by joining the American CSIA association. The history of these relations’ development has many features specific to high-tech industries. But first of all, this is a story about professional solidarity between the communities of the Euro-Atlantic bloc and Ukraine during the war.

Podillia Fashion Cluster: Born by the War

The war, sneaky started by Russia against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, undoubtedly became a personal tragedy for the whole state and every Ukrainian. However, having survived the first shock, the citizens of Ukraine demonstrated unprecedented fortitude and proved to the whole world the ability to unite for victory on all fronts, including on the economic one.

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers makes the world fall in love with Ukrainian furniture

The attention of the whole world focusing on Ukraine now. Ukraine has become a brand associated with courage, resilience in the struggle for freedom and democratic values. It has become an honour to be a Ukrainian, and it is glorious to support Ukraine. We have received this recognition for the high price, the blood of our defenders, the innocent victims of our people, the tears of mothers, and the destroyed cities.

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