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Automated air target detection system BALOR


Creation of an active subsystem for detection of military technics and targets for:

  • connection of any cameras regardless of the manufacturer, type of camera or connection, including online streams (thermographic and optical cameras for horizon view);
  • informing about detection of equipment in messengers and a monitoring center.


  • Fixation of goals.
  • Target recognition and classification of aerial objects.
  • Information in a monitoring center and rapid response groups.
  • Data transfer to “Virage-Tablet”.


  • The system will be able to determine flying targets at a distance of 3-5 km to 7-9 km in real time and assist in targeting, on obtaining coordinates of the target, its tracking and guidance for effective destruction.

2-2,5 months / 0,04 mln. euros

UA side: Center 4.0 of Poltava State Agrarian University (PSAU), Poltava Military District Administration, OMEGA DEVELOPMENT LLC.

Contact persons: PSAU, Myroslav Riabyi,

Center 4.0 PSAU: Volodymyr Muravlov,

EU side: key clusters, business associations.

1) Assistance to the Ukrainian military.

2) Assistance to critical infrastructure and country's activity.

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