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Projects overview of UCA agri-food clusters

Series “Top projects and initiatives of UCA agri-food clusters”

Agri-food clusters of the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance promote the main projects that are helpful for national economic Resilience and the future Recovery. We believe in power of clusters to build resilient and innovative value chains.

New strategy of agri-food clusters proposes 7 big initiatives:

  • Export logistics hub.
  • Value added chains.
  • Rapid Response Centres.
  • Interregional Association of Poultry and Compound Feed Producers of Ukraine.
  • “Western Polissia” innovative agri-food cluster.
  • On the paths of the Trypillia ancient mother.
  • The national scientific centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics”.

These initiatives are addressed to the Ukrainian Government, the European Commission, European clusters, international and donor organizations.

Other documents that UСA will present at the “Clusters meet regions” forum in Kosice relate to proposals from our resource centers in the Innovative ecosystems, Medicine, Engineering-Automation-Machinery, Dual-use and Smart.City segments. You can find these projects at the link.

Download the paper “Projects overview of UCA agri-food clusters”.

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