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Common Resource Center “Medical clusters”

Let’s get to know each other!

We are in Ukraine, which is in the center of Europe, and which you know for sure because of the war that has been going on for the ninth year in our country.

And Ukraine has a thousand-year history of successes in medicine, from the discovery of new methods of treatment and diagnosis (for example, Ilya Mechnikov laid the foundations of immunology, Oleksandr Bezredko introduced the concept of anaphylactic shock, Vasyl Obraztsov created the first school of therapists and initiated lifelong diagnosis of myocardial infarction), Mykola Sklifosovsky the founder metal osteosynthesis and many others) to modern inventions, such as Mammography without X-ray examination, A phasegraph that allows you to detect heart problems in the initial stages and diagnose a heart attack in advance, TechnoEyes – a glove for people with visual impairments, a hydroscalpel and others.

We all medical clusters of Ukraine, have united in the Resource Center “Medical Clusters” in the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance for the main goal – open the medicine of Ukraine to the world! Opening for cooperation, innovation, joint projects for reconstruction.

Because now there are huge challenges facing our health care system, as about 150 hospitals have already been destroyed by bombs and people do not have the opportunity to receive proper medical care. We need to rebuild these hospitals in accordance with modern international standards, creating SMART clinics. In connection with the damage to the energy infrastructure throughout Ukraine, there are problems with energy supply and rational use of energy resources in hospitals for uninterrupted access to diagnostics and treatment. That is why we need partnership to implement energy-efficient solutions for our hospitals.

One of our main common themes is REHABILITATION – comprehensive development. We need both creation of innovative rehabilitation centers with experience in post-injury care, support and modern equipment of existing rehabilitation centers, as well as training of staff (doctors and nurses) in new rehabilitation methods, work in multidisciplinary teams. An important direction is the psycho-social rehabilitation of both adults and children, as well as those with special needs and those who have the consequences of war trauma.

We would like to exchange experience with leading centers that have this direction of activity for the introduction of new methods of psychological support. Another direction we are developing is the Ukrainian production of prostheses, means and devices for rehabilitation. We also need to create service centers for manufacturers of foreign prostheses, as now this is a huge problem for our prosthetic patients, soldiers who underwent this operation abroad. And of course, taking into account all balneological resources of Ukraine, to create health centers, centers of secondary rehabilitation.

And another project of ours is the creation of innovative centers with augmented reality for training in pre-medical care “Be safe”. Since no part of Ukraine is currently safe, such knowledge is very important for everyone to save lives from critical injuries. After all, we know that a third of all wounded could be saved additionally if people knew how to provide first aid in time. Therefore, it is important to cooperate with joint projects with the IT sector for the development of software with virtual reality and creation of such centers throughout Ukraine

An interesting direction for our cooperation is introduction of industrial hemp in production of agricultural products (for example, dry long-term storage, medical nutrition) to production of fabrics, ecologically clean clothes to building materials and structures. This direction is interesting, because hemp is a traditional plant that has been grown since ancient times in Ukraine, along with flax.

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