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Technical standardization: improving the quality of technical standards in Ukraine in Oil & Gaz / Energy sectors, by setup of a modern metrological center

About Project

The project is aimed at meeting the need to create the first verification and calibration center for gas natural gas meters in Ukraine at an operating pressure of 1 to 40 bar in the range of an operating flow rate of 1 to 2500 m3/h for meters with a diameter of 50 to 200 mm.


  • Creation of a modern metrological center for verification of both gas meters and accounting tools for alternative energy sources.
  • Facilitating provision of quality infrastructure within defined value chains in accordance with European standards.
  • Provision of new solutions to improve Ukrainian quality infrastructure in the direction of green economy and digitalization.


  1. Exchange of the best European practices.
  2. Preparation for joint projects in the format of round tables.
  3. Analysis of the project implementation possibilities in view of integration into European VACs and quality infrastructure improvement programs.
  4. Development of a technical and economic justification of the project.
  5. Presentation of the project feasibility study to stakeholders.
  6. Finding and attracting financing for implementation of the project in Ukraine.
  7. Development of design and documentation estimation.
  8. Construction of the center.
  9. Joint participation in EU programs.


  • Support and improvement of quality infrastructure of Ukraine.
  • A metrological center for accounting of gas and alternative energy sources is created.
  • A procedure for using the center is determined together with ecropean partners.
  • A development plan for the center and additional examinations for Ukrainian and European consumers is developed.

2 years / 3,5 million euros.

UA side: Kharkiv EAM cluster; state body ‘NaftoGaz of Ukraine’, 'Ukrtransgaz'.

Oksana Sytnyk,

EU side: TBD.

Project location: Bogorodchany, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The city of Bogorodchany is conveniently located: 10 km from Ivano-Frankivsk, a large regional center, which houses the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (a powerful scientific school) and the SE "IVANO-FRANKIVSKSTANDARDMETROLOGY", which stores the primary standard of Ukraine for gas consumption (in air). Convenient location, proximity to potential consumers and scientific centers, as well as presence of a gas hub in Bogorodchany make the choice of the city a good one for implementation of this project.

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