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Top 10 UCA proposals in the field of Advanced Manufacturing

For international events in the Czech Republic, UCA coordination center has prepared a guide “Top 10 proposals in Advanced Manufacturing”. This document is the main offer of UCA in the field of international cooperation in this sphere.

UCA presents 10 major initiatives divided into 3 categories: Eastern European Partnership, Development of integrated value added chains and cooperation in the fields of innovation and dual (digital and green) transition. Most of the initiatives are concretized into project initiatives, which together represent positions of 9 UCA clusters. These are APPAU, Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv EAM clusters, Ukrainian Maritime Cluster, Vinnytsia Cluster of Instrumentation and Industrial Automation, Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster, Dnipro Space Cluster, Sumy Cluster of Energy Engineering and Union of Innovative Space Clusters.

Although most are common to all clusters, currently only 2 clusters are generators of project initiatives: APPAU and Kharkiv cluster of EAM. This release is the first for UCA to produce joint initiatives, and the portfolio of projects is expected to grow rapidly.

UCA positions this proposal as the main one for international partners’ consideration in this area. Next, it is planned to develop similar proposals in other areas represented by UCA clusters, primarily in the light and food industry.

You can download the document here.

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