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3 main strategies of UСA internationalization – right now!

The Global Impact Economic Forum on Ukraine, held in Istanbul, became the first major international event where our Сluster alliance was presented. Accordingly, it was our representatives’ important task to come up with the right messages that fit into the general context. Preparations were made beforehand, and the general UCA presentation with proposals for international partners was displayed on the UCA home page a few days before the forum start. At the same time, it was not clear whether our proposals would fit into the forum’s general context.

The program “Export and Internationalization of Industrial SMEs”: 7 proposals of the UKA for the Government

In June 2022, the Analytical Center of the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA) developed the program “Export and Internationalization of Industrial SMEs”. This document is the basis of the current main front of UKA activity – the search for new markets for domestic industrialists and their deeper integration into the international business environment

Fundraising opportunities for UCA members

Програма «Експорт та Інтернаціоналізація промислових МСП» розроблена Аналітичним центром Українського кластерного альянсу (УКА), як частина пропозицій антикризової програми дій уряду в 2022. Документ є публічним та колективним звертанням кластерів УКА до уряду України з метою кращої координації та включення пропозицій УКА в урядові програми антикризових дій.

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